Mountain Trail

What is Mountain Trail?

Mountain trail is an opportunity to experience the feeling of a back country trail ride, but in a more structured but relaxed environment.  A mountain trail course offers unlimited obstacles and elements to enhance all levels of horsemanship and  training.  Courses consist of several basic obstacles, such as bridges, trestle and suspension, balance beams, saw-buck logs, rock quarry's and water crossings.  Mountain Trail is beneficial to all breeds of horses, all disciplines - barrels, cutting, western dressage, hunter, jumper, dressage, building the horses overall physical and mental well being.  It develops and maintains a quiet, thoughtful mind and has proven beneficial for timed event horses wanting to rush forward.

Best of all, it's fun and relaxing for both you and your horse!

2017 BC Mountain Trail was a huge success and interest is continually growing!!  It’s one of the fastest growing horse disciplines around!

BC MOUNTAIN TRAIL CHALLENGE DATES are now being set.  Check the BC Mountain Trail facebook page for 2018 Dates



terry brownie creek

digger bridge in hand


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